Beyond city limits, the Middle East is a land of mighty rivers (the Nile, Euphrates), even mightier deserts (the Sahara and peerless Wadi Rum) and green landscapes of exceptional beauty. 

grand epic, a cradle of civilisations and a beautiful, complicated land that's home to some of the planet's most hospitable people. Exploring these wilderness areas – from snow-capped summits in Turkey, Iran and Lebanon to the kaleidoscopic waters of the Red Sea – lies at the heart of the region's appeal. The message is simple: forget the clichés that masquerade as Middle Eastern truth – a visit here is one of the most varied and soulful travel experiences on earth.



Napak Tilas Bumi Para Nabi

Egypt - Palestine - Jordan

USD 2230

10D Holyland Tour Jordan - Israel - Jordan

Amman - Shek Hussein - Betlehem - Jerusalem - Nazareth

USD 1,809 ,-

13D Holyland Tour Mesir - Israel - Jordan

Cairo - Sharm El Sheik - Betlehem - Nazareth

USD 1,904 ,-

12D Holyland Cairo - Mesir - Jordan

2maret - 13maret 

Cairo - Mesir - Jordan

$ 2435





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